DR. FIXIT FLUOROCOTE (5L) (Bundle of 3)




Product Description

Dr. Fixit FluoroCote is a high performance waterborne fluorocarbon copolymer-hybrid coating for building facades and roof surfaces. The unique combination of waterborne fluorocarbon polymer technology offers easy-to-clean to self-cleaning surfaces, excellent water repellent and sun heat rejection characteristics. It has superior long-term durability to resist UV attacks, and pollutants offering long-lasting protection against soiling, stains and improve life-cycle of the coating.

The superior quality and performance of this fluorocarbon-hybrid outperforms any high grade acrylic, silicone and PU coatings available in the market, and it is strongly recommended for high-rise apartments, commercial buildings, churches, mosques, temples, hospital, schools, recreations & sport centers and residential houses & bungalows that require high standard exterior protective coating with less maintenance cycles and saving-costs.

Its high performance, extreme UV resistance, water-repellent and waterproofing, and excellent resistance to airborne pollutants make this unique product the best and ideal choice for protecting the building from the water seepage and leakages through cracks lines. It is recommended to be used as a topcoat on any elastomeric acrylic, epoxy and PU waterproofing and heat insulation and reflective coatings for enhancing their resistances to dirt, stains and UV attack, and prolonging their durability and service life.


Key Benefits

  • Green Coating Technology for Green Buildings
  • Smart Cool Roof & Wall Coating System
  • Environmentally Friendly, Low VOC & Odour-less
  • Less Maintenance & Easy-to-Clean
  • Excellent Chemical & Water Resistance
  • Excellent Resistance to Algae, Fungi, Dirt & Stains


This product comes in Three (3) different colors as follows;

  1. Standard White
  2. Light Grey
  3. Elegant Beige