Director’s Message


Dear Valuable Customers & Web-Readers,

Welcome to Our Innovation Centre in Singapore, “The World Class Centre for Pidilite Global Presence…Global Brands”. I sincerely hope that you will find interesting and useful information on products and services after visiting our interactive homepage.

Pidilite Innovation Centre Singapore is another cornerstone for Pidilite Group to expand its global reach and satisfy its customers with constant product innovations. The keyword for the past and future success of Pidilite Group is “Innovation“, and it is the only creative way of thinking to influence and to reach the destiny of our company in the future. We absolutely believe in “Product Innovation to create unique, innovative and green products for our valuable customers around the world. We also believe that we can drive revenue and growth with innovation, and henceforth creating values for our shareholders.

Our experienced, young, dynamic and energetic innovators have been dedicated their timelessly efforts, ideas, and contributions to create innovative products for supplying the lifelines of continuous business activities in the global market. That was, is, and will be the core to our successes in the past, today and future.

The outlook is very bright for everyone, because we keep innovating on “Green Technology”, the eco-friendly products to stay ahead and grow the business organically. We care for our clean & green environment and safety of people, as part of our social responsible care. Our “Green Products” will be the perfect answer for your “Green Building Design”. We listen to customers and innovate together with them for a total solution and satisfaction. Let’s do our parts and contributions to make our world a better living for generations to come through continuous innovations.

Dr. Dien Pandiman is the Executive Director of The Pidilite Innovation Centre, and is responsible for applied research and product innovations of surface coatings and construction chemicals for Pidilite Group of Companies. He has more than 10 years experience in these fields and his research interests are in the future and emerging applications of nano-materials in surface coatings and construction chemicals. He had developed many innovative products and successfully commercialized in the global markets.

A Chartered Chemist, Chartered Scientist, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) UK, Dr. D. Pandiman is the Chairman of the RSC Singapore Section, and is the elected Vice-President of Singapore National Institute of Chemistry. He is a Member of SPRING Singapore’s Technical Committee for Surface Coatings, and is also a Technical Assessor, under the Singapore Accreditation Council-Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) for technical audits at various independent laboratories in Singapore.