Go-Green Innovation

Global warming is real and threatening all sort of life on our blue planet. “Go-Green Innovation” is the answer for a future sustainable and hope for mankind survival in centuries to come. We care for our clean and green environment for a better living for everyone. Pidilite Innovation Centre is The World Class Centre for Go-Green Innovation, and focuses on its Research and Development (R&D) on renewable and recycled raw materials and green coating technologies for building and construction industries. It is our long-term commitment on “Responsible Care”…Our Truly Commitment & Care for Our Environment and People

Green Product

Our Go-Green Initiatives have produced numerous innovative eco-products with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful chemicals to the environment complying with “Green Label” requirement. These Eco-Products do not only comply with low VOCs emissions, but also help to cut down carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by reducing energy consumption of air-conditioned internal spaces of a building. These Innovative Green Products are the best friends and best innovative technologies for Green Building Movements in Singapore and worldwide.

Green Building

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore had recently launched “Zero-Energy Building” as a test-bed for innovative and green building designs by harnessing the solar energy and reducing its energy needs. Pidilite’s innovative energy-saving coatings developed by Singaporean scientist are parts of the innovative technologies needed to reduce the energy consumption for cooling the internal spaces of Green Building, and they are designed to be used for coating on roof and external walls and glass facades that reflect the solar (UV and IR) radiations, facilitate faster radiative cooling, and slow down heat transfer of heat gained on the external surfaces.