Building Blocks

About the Publication:

The magazine is brought to you from Dr. Fixit, one of India’s leading brand in Construction Chemicals from Pidilite Industries Limited. Building Blocks is another informative medium from Pidilite along the lines of some of our other popular publications like the Fevicol Furniture Books & Fevicraft magazines.

Through this medium, we aim to share important information about the industry, practices, products and little about ourselves with all of you, our business partners & associates, who have been instrumental in enabling us to become one of the leading & fastest growing brands of Construction Chemicals in India in a short span of time.

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About the Newsletter:

Our Newsletter is focused on good concreting practices, waterproofing, repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of concrete structures and buildings.

The newly created platform of Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection & Rehabilitation intends to direct a comprehensive look to repair needs and repair durability. This newsletter is an important channel of the Institute to communicate. It intends to bridge the industry and academic specialties relating to concrete-repair behaviour. It intends to find ways of improving communication between all those who influence repair durability.

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