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Product Description

Dr. Fixit HydroThermShield PU is a water-based PU hybrid coating designed for dual benefits of excellent heat reflectance/insulation properties in addition to being a water shielding membrane. It is a high build, elastomeric coating offering quick drying, excellent elasticity, toughness and enhanced durability. The heat insulation property is achieved by using the two principles of heat reflectivity and heat resistance barrier formation. The use of PUD as a hybrid system ensures enhanced tensile strength and flexibility.


Key Benefits

  • Dual Benefits – Energy Saving & Waterproofing
  • Eco-friendly waterborne technology
  • Single pack, easy to use, low odour and low VOC
  • Seamless, trafficable, hard wear & excellent flexibility
  • High tensile strength & elongation
  • Excellent alkali resistance
  • Easy to clean-up, non-staining
  • Excellent microbial resistance
  • All weather & UV resistant
  • Green Label Certified product


This product comes in Three (3) different colors as follows;

  1. Standard White
  2. Light Grey
  3. Elegant Beige