DR. FIXIT HEATSHIELD (5L) (Bundle of 2)




Product Description

Dr. Fixit HeatShield is a premium quality heat reflecting and heat insulation coating. It is a tough, high build elastomeric coating which forms a very high heat reflective and heat resistant barrier through most materials. Dr. Fixit HeatShield comprises of hollow glass bubbles which create stable voids and form a closely packed insulation medium upon drying.  The insulation barrier slows down heat transfer thus reducing the load on air-conditioners & keeps the interiors cool. In addition, the insulation medium naturally prevents any condensation of water, hence making Dr. Fixit HeatShield an all-purpose Anti-Condensation coating.


Key Benefits

  • Eco-friendly water-based system (Green Label, SEC)
  • Excellent Energy Savings – excellent heat reflection and heat insulation
  • Single pack, easy to use , Low odour and low VOC
  • Excellent Solar Reflectivity & Infrared Emissivity
  • Seamless, trafficable, hard wear & excellent flexibility
  • Excellent Anti-Condensation characteristics
  • Excellent crack bridging ability
  • Excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal efficacy
  • Good Alkali & Efflorescence resistance
  • Impermeable to wind-driven rain


This product comes in Two (2) different colors as follows;

  1. White
  2. Cloud Grey