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5 Key Benefits @ Glance :

  • Anti-Slip Floor Coating for Bathrooms, Toilets and Other Wet Areas
  • Transform Slippery Floor to NOSlipz Hygienic Anti-Microbial Surface Within 24 Hours
  • NO-Hacking & NO-Change of Pattern of Existing Floor Tiles as It is Transparent Coating
  • Eco-Friendly, User-Friendly & Very Safe – Non-Flammable as It Likes ‘Water’ Liquid
  • Simple D.I.Y. Product – Shake, Open and Apply Only 1-Coat by Brush (Included FREE)

Simple Application Method :

  1. Use Common Floor Cleaner Solution to clean the slippery floor surface by scrubbing it to remove all contaminants, rinse and dry the cleaned surface completely. ENSURE a well ventilation during the application of Dr. Fixit FlorGrip.
  2. Simply apply 1 coat of Dr. Fixit FlorGrip by brush with the right amount of liquid. 1L of Dr. Fixit FlorGrip CAN cover about 12 SqM – ~ 2 Bathrooms (Size 2 x 3 M)
  3. Allow the liquid to dry & form a tough and transparent film for 24 hrs. (min)
  4. The Bathroom CAN be used for showering again AFTER 24 hrs of the application

NOTE: Please ensure NO WATER ponding on the floor BEFORE 24 hrs.

  • For long lasting effectiveness, the coated anti-slip surface should not be washed with strong detergent, bleaching agent or heavy scrubbing.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to apply another 1 coat of Dr. Fixit FlorGrip
AFTER 9-12 months in service for rejuvenating the anti-slip property 

  • The Shelf life of the product is 12 months from date of purchase in unopened condition.


This product reduces the chances of slipping significantly, but it cannot prevent falls totally
Always exercise care when walking on any wet surface.