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Product Description

Dr. Fixit FlorCote Ultra is a UV Resistant fast-dry water based eco-friendly pure acrylic finish designed to provide long lasting clean lines with high visibility. It is fast drying and hence minimizes traffic hold-ups.  Tough and abrasion resistant road marking coating that is suitable for bitumen and concrete surfaces and will not discolor with bleeding. It is ideal for marking on; car parks, shopping centres, factories, warehouses, sporting fields and courts. Dr. Fixit FlorCote Ultra complies to Singapore Standard SS 624 : 2016 and is under the approved product listing scheme of HDB for line-marking of the carpark lots.

Key Benefits

  • Eco-friendly acrylic based paint
  • Fast dry-to-no-pickup
  • Excellent weather durability
  • High Solids and extremely durable
  • Very tough and abrasion resistant
  • Low VOC
  • Non-flammable
  • Single pack, easy to use


This product comes in Three (3) different colors as follows;

  1. White
  2. BS356 Golden Yellow
  3. BS537 Signal Red