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  • INNOVATIVE High Performance Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacteria Wall Coating
  • Eco-Friendly Green Water-Based Protective Coating
  • 24/7 Firstline Protection Against Virus, Bacteria, Fungi & Mold Growth
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Hygiene Interior Wall Coating
  • Washable, Easy-to-Clean & Stain Resistant
  • Transform Ordinary Wall Decorative Paint Into “Hygiene Protective” Surface Within 1 Hr
  • 24/7 Health Protection Against Virus, Bacteria, Fungi & Mold Growth
  • Eco-friendly Water-Based ‘Transparent Clear’ Coating Without Changing Original Colour
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality by Reducing Airborne Micro-organism
  • Enhance Stain Resistance, Easy Cleaning and Waterproofing Properties
  • Transform Slippery Floor to ‘NO-Slipz’ Hygienic Anti-Microbial Surface Within 24 Hr
  • Effective ‘NO-Slipz’ Transparent Coating is Key Factor for Falls-Prevention
  • NO-Change of Underlying Coloured Patterns of Existing Floor Tiles as It is Transparent
  • NO-Messy Hacking Required – Just Simply Apply One-Single Coat by Brush Provided
  • Resistance to Household Cleaning Detergent & User-Friendly Product 
  • Ultra-Fast Drying Waterborne Signage and Line Marking Paint for Floor & Road Safety
  • Very Bright Yellow, Red and White Colours for Improving Signage Directions & Demarcations
  • UV Resistant Tough and Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy-DIY Application Eco-friendly Water-Based ‘Odour-Less’ Floor Safety Paint
  • Ideal Applications for Warehouse, Factory, Parking Lots, and Private Garages.
  • Advanced Green Waterborne FluoroCarbon PVDF Coating Technology
  • Highly Durable and Long-Lasting Protective Coating up to 10 Years
  • Excellent UV Resistance & Superior Colour Retention
  • Water-Repellent & Resistance to Dirt, Stains and Air-Pollutants
  • Maximum Reflection of UV and IR Radiation from Sunlight
  • Eco-friendly Waterborne Acrylic Cool Coating
  • Reflecting UV, IR and Heat from Sunlight
  • Slow-Down Heat Transfer from External Hot Surfaces
  • Reducing Workload of AirCon. and Giving Thermal Comfort Inside
  • Anti-Condensation & Anti-Microbial Coating
  • Green Waterborne Polyurethane-Acrylic Elastomeric Cool Coating
  • Reflect and Insulate Heat Built-Up External Hot Surfaces
  • Giving Thermal Comfort Inside and Saving Energy Cost
  • Anti-Condensation & Anti-Microbial Coating
  • Bridging Hairline Cracks and Waterproofing Roof and Wall

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